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How to Delete folder which contains very long file name

robocopy c:\Blank_Folder\ D:\Keep\Keep\DESTROY\ /E /MIR

Error while install a new printer –¬†There is a job printing now (35)

  • Browse to Start -> Run… and type in “NET STOP SPOOLER” (this will stop the print spooler service)
  • Browse to your windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS\ folder
  • Delete files ending in .SPL and .SHD created around the time you tried to print –
  • Browse to Start -> Run… and type in “NET START SPOOLER” (this will restart the print spooler service)
  • Double click the printer icon in the lower-right corner of your taskbar to examine your print job queue and browse to View -> Refresh.

How to Create Shortcut with Relative Path

@echo off
start "" "%~dp0\<target>"