Who are some of the best Indian politicians of current era (1990 and after) and why?

Answer by Teja Menneni:

Jayaprakash Narayan (Lok Satta) – founder and the President of Loksatta Party, and currently an MLA from Kukatpally constituency in Andhra Pradesh

He was a former IAS officer (All India topper) who is doctor by profession joined in public administration and served for 16 years. After realizing that faulty Indian govt process is the biggest hurdle for India's path to success he resigned from IAS. (He refused to use the facilities provided by Govt for IAS officers)

His achievements

1. IMO in the last 30 years he is the only person in India who won in elections without distributing money and liquor which is impossible in AP (IMO in any large state of India)

2. He played a very key role in bringing electrical reforms and Right to Information Act. He is working actively on bringing Lokpal bill (Member of Team Anna).

3. His election expenditure is 4,50,000  (both officially and unofficially in 2009 elections. There are some constituencies in Andhra Pradesh, candidates spent around 8 crores to win in bye elections – to be in power for 1 1/2 year)

4. I think he should be given a Guinness world record for highest number of times to visit his constituency in a year. (There are many Ministers in AP who spent more days in Jail than his constituency)

5. He also launched a website about his constituency with details on projects, funds procured, funds disseminated etc.

Kukatpally Now (www.kukatpallynow.com)

Very well updated about projects, completed and currently undertaken…Probably the only politician in the country to have such a comprehensive connect on the web space (He is the only person in AP assembly who is interested to discuss in assembly meetings about public problems)

6.He follows innovative approaches to reach common people.  (For Ex before 2009 elections to reach common people he traveled in train and directly talked to them unlike other politicians who spent 70 to 80 lakhs in elections time to bring masses to their campaign).

7. He is a great orator and could speak at lengths on any topic. He never talks about any topic without having details and he never concludes without giving any solution – very rare quality of an indian politician. Many a politician were dumbfounded by his knowledge and ideas in public forum discussions. (Listen to his speeches in TEDx Deccan, Mumbai University, IIIT Hyderabad or Innovators@Google – you will understand)

@TEDx Deccan

@Mumbai University

@Tehelka TV iThink Conference


@IIIT Hyderabad


8. Loksatta party have an ideology behind them and they don't do anything for getting attention, they will follow systemic approach and they believe in Systemic change. (Like many parties grab attention before elections by exposing scams etc.).  For ex their ideology towards Telangana issue. He believes in long term plans rather than giving free schemes to get the votes.

9. One of the few Parties in India which aims at National integration. Loksatta is fighting to create Equal opportunities to every citizen. (Unlike other parties which divide people by religion,caste or region )

9. Highly respected person in Indian politics (He acted as advisory for Many PM's and CM's like Manmohan Singh and Chandra Babu Naidu). He also taken key initiate to Develop Info city HI-tech City (HITEC City) in Hyderabad, also  Member of National Advisory Control.

Many times he was attacked by opponents, Once he was talking to media about the degrading democratic values in the state assembly, one person attacked him and slapped him in front of Media.


Many times opponents attacked his car when he is going with his family – that is the reward he is getting for his honesty. He sacrificed 35 years of his life for society (16 years as IAS officer and then frighted through Loksatta movement for 12 years then from 2006 through his party).

The worst part here is Loksatta ran in 2009 assembly elections for the first time and Won in only Kukatpally constituency. (secured 1.9% of the vote across the state). The problem is many rural people don't have awareness about his work and urban people who knows about his work don't participate in elections. (System won't changes when you support him through Facebook likes or Quota up votes. Instead participate in the next elections and before voting for a person do some analysis about candidates work and vote for right person without caste, religion or region bias – remember we are living in democratic nation, to make it progress participation is required from both sides i mean from politicians and citizens)

History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.

– Martyn Luther King

and his famous saying

"The answer to Bad politics is Good politics, Not NO Politics"

I am big fan of him and strongly believe that if get at least 10 seats in 2014 elections definitely he will change state future. So please create awareness about him and his party.


I am not a member of Loksatta Party

I have referred various resources in my answer and Sorry for my poor English,   Any suggestions and edits are welcome.

Edit: After seeing others answers here, I wanted to make a point – best politician includes many parameters, I agree that honesty one good measure but not only honesty or progress make him best.  He must capture the essence of truth, display sincerity, and practices what he preaches. He should be a visionary, should know the needs of people, should be a good decision maker and accepts responsibility for his actions and his words and most importantly he should be unbiased.

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