Reviews of: Calvin and Hobbes

Answer by Deepak Mehta:

  1. For being an essential part of my childhood growing up and continuing to be an essential part till date.
  2. For being the perfect escape from the real world.
  3. For teaching us various life lessons.

    1. On creativity
    And the fact that it cannot be turned on at will (I guess most artists, writers and other creative people will agree

    2. On cheating the system
    You can always find loopholes and use them to your advantage

    3. On how to deal with monsters (liars)

    4. On destiny and the fact that our actions are inconsequential

    5. On first love, the incessant denials and the constant teasing by friends

    6. On friendship and the comforts it brings

    7. On the powerlessness of humans

    8. On complicating things

    9. On first encounter with death

    10. On the wonders of life and and the infinite opportunities it holds

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