What is the best way to get goods from the US and the UK shipped to India?

Answer by Mahesh Murthy:

Here's what I did:

1. Got an account with Shop And Ship.

2. Then found an even better service: Borderlinx a service from DHL. Got an account there. (Have since stopped with Shop And Ship)

3. What this lets you do is get a local shipping address in the US, UK etc – and order stuff to be delivered there even though you're not a US resident.

4. You can order multiple items from multiple online stores in the US and when they arrive, you're notified. These items can be combined into a single shipment that saves you money, includes customs costs, and comes with trackable delivery. This works out less than what Amazon charges for overseas shipping. Especially when different orders are combined.

5. Voila – I get what I want, with no hassles. DHL makes sure stuff clears customs, I get a customs receipt, and assured delivery. And a lower cost of freight.

6. I recently improved this further. I noticed Amazon and other sites (like Google Play) showed me different inventory and prices if I visited their site from a local (UK / US) IP address instead of an overseas one. Often these local prices and choices were better.

7. So I bought a VPN called TunnelBear for about $50 a year (other options, including free are available). Now I tunnel thru and go see what a local in the US or UK sees. Then order like a local, get it delivered to a local address. And THEN have it shipped to me. A new world has opened up, I tell you.

8. The reason I paid for the VPN is a little different. Most free VPNs I found came with bandwidth limits. Paying removes the limits. It so happens I have an Amazon Prime account – for free shipping within the US. And it comes with unlimited free movies and videos to watch. For that $4 a month on TunnelBear, I can VPN in unlimited bandwidth – and can watch entire movies free on Amazon by VPNing from India or wherever. Plus the same software works on my phone and tablet, making those local-isable too at the touch of a button.

Hope this helps!

My $0.02,


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