What are some stories about your dad you would want your kids to know about?

Answer by Ankur Warikoo:

The part of India where my dad comes from, you either grow up to become a medical sales professional or a retail banker.

My dad chose medical sales. And shortly after marriage joined a young company called Ranbaxy.

A year into Ranbaxy, a new company called him for a role. Double the salary. And a car! This is 1985. And that's a BIG offer. He takes it.

2 years down, the new company shuts down
25 years later, Ranbaxy is a $5bn turnover company.

My dad was without a job for a year. There was a month he filled ball point pens with refills and was paid for every 100 pens he filled. There were days my parents had only 1 meal a day. I have seen him cry more than my ma has.

But my sister and I went to the best schools we could. He took a loan to pay for my ticket to the US when I went for my masters. The day I sent $100 back home from my first stipend my parents cried like babies over a call that costed me $100!

My sister and I always knew we didn't have money, but were never made to realize it.

Every smart joe in the world today tells my dad, he shouldn't have left Ranbaxy. But that very same individual would have perhaps taken the same decision that my dad took.

And I admire him for the risk he took. He hasn't recovered till date, but he still admits that he would have taken the same risk he did.

I want my son to know that risk and failure is just a state of mind. There should never be any fear. And no regret.

The responses to this response have been overwhelming and truly humbling. When I shared this, it came straight from the heart. And little did I wonder how it would influence people. Thanks so much for the encouraging words and the fact that sharing my life could actually mean something for someone!

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