What are some good things about Pakistan that everybody should know?

Answer by Vineet Kumar:

When we are talking about Pakistan, how can anyone not mention Music. Pakistan is full of talent whether its Cricket, Hockey or Music.

Some of the notable music magicians to come out of Pakistan:

1. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: This genius needs no introduction. Just listen to this and you will agree with me.
2. Junoon: Now, when we are talking about Junoon, remember, they were among the ones who showed the world how awesome Pakistani music can be.
3. Jal: Though I am not much of a big fan of this band, but they have a huge fan following in India and many Asian countries. With hits like 'Aadat' and 'Sajni', their music can haunt you for many days, such good is their music.
4. Strings: I consider these people as demigods of music, such is their charisma. Pioneers of Pakistani music attracts huge fans wherever they perform, and the following which they have in India is inexplicable. I can give up anything to get onstage with these guys.
5. Rohail Hyatt: The musical genius and former pioneer of Pakistani Rock who came up with the concept of Coke Studio, which in my point of view is one of the best things that ever happened to the South Asian Music.
6. Zeb & Haniya: This duo is good. Really really good.
7. Ali Zafar: The multitalented personality who can act as awesome as he can sing.
This is my personal favorite.

8. Shehzad Roy: Another talent from Pakistan. This song of his is still popular in our country.

I may have missed many singers/bands in this list, but this is just the beginning. We Indians love Pakistani music and those who said that music knows no barriers was bang on true.

Thanks for all the awesome music that has travelled across the border.
An Indian.

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