What are the best places to visit in India during Monsoon time?

Answer by Anonymous:

Neral Matheran and the Toy Train

A random trip I made to Matheran in August this year (2012). The Toy Train doesn't function from June to October (because of the monsoon rains). However I did manage to get a glimpse of it parked at Neral station, in the train shed.  I have to take a ride on it at some point of time ! Here are a couple of pictures of the locomotives, the old coaches and the new coaches. Also – pictures of Aman Lodge station ( at the beginning of Matheran ) and the main Matheran station (near the market and the hotels). Monkeys and red mud are an important part of the route.

The train was not running when I made this trip, however I could make out that its 20 km route from Neral to Matheran would be a very scenic one. This train first ran over a hunded years ago, in 1907 – this railway line was the idea of a Mumbai based businessman – Abdul Peerboy.

Neral Matheran Toy Train – Some Pictures
Neral Matheran Toy Train – Some Random Pictures
Coming down from Matheran to Neral
Matheran – Aman Lodge to the Market Area – Walking along the tracks – Part II
Matheran – Aman Lodge to the Main Market area – A walk along the tracks –
The Ghats and the Clouds – Clicked from the Train, near Lonavala


These are the new coaches :

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