What are the coolest startup culture hacks you’ve heard of?

Answer by Renee Chu:

Twilio is an API company, and one of our rituals is the requirement that every employee must build and demo an app built with the Twilio API in order to receive their logo track jacket and Kindle (which is a free company benefit). This goes for all departments: engineering, sales, finance, marketing.

We have a company dinner each Wednesday where new hires demo their apps, and our CEO "knights" them by putting the jacket on them. It's great to see the whole company cheering for the new employee as they show off what they've built, no matter how simple or complex.

For most non-engineering hires, the demo app is the first software development they've ever done. To support them, one of our engineers anchors a weekly code coaching session after hours, where anyone can drop in and get help.

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